About PiecebyPieceDTX

About PiecebypieceDTX

Welcome to PiecebypieceDTX! I'm grateful to have you here and want to share a bit about the brand. The name "piece by piece" originates from collecting clothing over time as buyers purchase "pieces" one at a time to create their ideal wardrobe. The "DTX" in the name stands for Dallas, Texas, where it was founded and operated. 

How PiecebypieceDTX Started

PiecebypieceDTX was born out of an interest in clothing and fashion. The story begins approximately three years ago when I got involved in clothing resale. What started as a quick way to sell old clothing became a personal business.

My Fashion Interests

My interest in clothing extends to various styles, from designer clothing to Japanese fashion. I also have a soft spot for vintage and streetwear pieces. At Piecebypiece, you'll find a thoughtfully curated collection that reflects this diverse range of my fashion inspirations.

Central on TikTok

Beyond Piece by Piece, my journey extends to other digital. Under "Centrll," I share my unique fashion perspectives and insights on TikTok and Instagram. If you're looking for daily fashion inspiration, styling tips, and fashion-related content, follow Central on TikTok and Instagram.